Students Page

The surprise trick saved Luna tonight! She escaped our fence and was standing next to the road not responding to come. We yelled surprise and she instantly ran into the fence. Thank you so much for teaching us that trick! It was a scary situation but we knew exactly what to do! -Rachel T.

I just want to say what a wonderful time I had with all of you I have learned a lot of good tips with helping my dog. She has a way to go but I am working on it. All of you are such good trainers and just a joy to go to. I was a little worried when I signed up for the classes as I have never done that before. My dog was such a challenge I wasn't sure how she would do, but I think all in all she did really good. Thank you again for all of your help with my dog and helping me.

First I want to thank you for the great training sessions...I sincerely looked forward to them each week. My dog learned a lot but more importantly we learned a great deal as you will read about next....

I was taking my dog for her second long walk in the field near my condo. We usually go along the backyards of the houses on the right side of the field then circle around. Often I've heard a dog barking from inside one of the houses. Today the dog was outside and barked catching me and my dog off guard. My dog took off running in the opposite direction and pulled me face down on the ground but more importantly she pulled out of her collar. Once she realized she was loose she headed right over to the dog. The dog (black lab) must wear a shock collar because it never left her property. My dog got about 15 feet from her and try as I might I couldn't get her to come to me even with a hand full of treats. Every time I got within 2 feet she would move closer to the other dog. I started backing away from my dog while calling her but she still ignored me. Then I started running away while calling her and she took off after me. When she caught up I told her to sit and gave her several praises and treats while I quickly put on her collar. As we walked towards my home I continued to praise her and give her treats.

Thank god for the training we received. I never would have thought to run the opposite way if we hadn't gone through the training sessions.

One of the games I play with Elsa -- thanks to Week 5 of the Primary Class -- is "Hide and Seek." I hide, and call "Elsa! Come find me!" and she loves this game with or without a treat, it's a great way to play with her in the house and give her some extra exercise on a rainy day. Sometimes I use treats, sometimes not.

The other day, a house guest left our back door ajar -- and Elsa scooted out. The yard is fenced in, but Elsa really loves to explore when she's outside -- so much to see! -- and I did not have any treats handy. So I hid near the door and called out "Elsa! Come find me!" I had never tried this game outside before, it's been an inside game. To my delight, Elsa came barreling to me, and stayed for a cuddle and praise, after which I very gently led her into the house and gave her a treat.

Playing the game was even more of a reinforcement than rolling in woodchuck poop or whatever else is out there and so enticing... amazing.

I have been using many of the ideas from training when I walk Elsa, to deal with her hyper-reactive nature with other dogs; she is definitely getting better and better. (Or maybe, I am getting better and better...)

So thank you, again, for your classes!