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Manners 'N More was established in 1992 from Carol and Betsy's desire to offer year-round puppy classes in Centre County.  As Training Director for the Mt. Nittany Dog Training Club, Carol introduced the first Kindergarten puppy classes in Centre County.  Unfortunately, the club was only able to offer classes during the spring and fall seasons.

It was not long before Manners 'N More grew.  More classes were added for older puppies, along with beginning agility and obedience competition classes.  Amanda Jones joined the staff.  They teach puppy, novice, and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes.  Manners 'N More is continuing to grow with their newest staff members: Karen Keller and Addie Hellmers.

Staff members Carol Crouch and Betsy Geertson are American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) Pet First Aid certified.


When Carol started training in 1969, she learned the "Jerk and Praise" method. In 1994, she and Betsy attended seminars in Seattle, Washington, to work with a trainer learning new approaches to training pet and show classes.  They decided to apply their new methods to their own classes.

Because this is a fairly new technique, Carol and Betsy's classes continue to evolve.  Instead of using physical and verbal corrections, Manners 'N More teaches handlers to praise the dog when it performs a desired behavior.  Undesired behaviors are ignored or redirected.  This leads to a better relationship with the dog.  Some of the skills introduced using this approach may take longer to teach, but they are retained longer by the dog.