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AKC Recognizes Mixed Breeds
Posted July 17, 2010

AKC has just approved mixed breeds to compete in AKC events (starting in October). This will include agility and obedience. From the AKC web page:

Competition in Companion Events

Effective April 1st, 2010, the competition parameters governing mixed breed participation in AKC Agility, Rally, and Obedience events:

  1. AKC clubs would have the option to hold a class for Agility, Obedience, or Rally events. Those clubs electing to hold mixed breed classes will offer the same classes for mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs.
  2. Mixed Breed classes can only be held at standalone AKC Agility, Obedience, and Rally Events. The class could not be offered at All Breed Shows, Group Shows, or independent specialties, even if Agility, Obedience, or Rally events are being held.
    1. The definition of standalone AKC Companion event is an AKC Agility, Obedience, or Rally event that is not held on the same date AND show site as an AKC all-breed show or independent specialty.
  3. Mixed breed dogs would compete in separate class divisions from AKC purebred dogs.
    1. The club is not required to hold the classes in separate rings under separate Judges. The purebred classes can be held in the same ring, under the same Judge, as the mixed breed classes. Placements and titles would be scored and awarded separately.
    2. For example, in Agility in the Regular class, all purebred dogs entered in the Regular 16 inch class would run, followed in the same ring by the mixed breed dogs entered in the Regular 16 inch class.
  4. Allows event-giving club to decide if group exercises in Obedience, specifically long sits and downs, should be combined to save time or should be completed separately. The club is not required to hold the classes in separate rings under separate Judges. Placements and titles would be scored and awarded separately.
  5. Mixed breed dogs would earn different titles from purebred dogs.
    1. Mixed breed dogs would earn titles with a Mixed Breed suffix (i.e. NAC-Novice Agility Mixed Breed)
  6. Dogs competing in the class would be eligible to earn similar (but separate) titles as purebreds, including MACH-M (Master Agility Champion Mixed Breed), OTCH-M, and RAE-M.
  7. Dogs competing in classes would NOT be eligible for National Championships or Invitational events.
How You Can Help Stop Puppy Mills
Posted May 4, 2005

DO NOT buy a pet over the Internet, through newspaper ads, at a flea market, from a pet store or from a backyard breeder - even a neighbor whose dog 'accidentally' - or intentionally - got pregnant.

DO adopt your next pet from your local shelter or breed rescue group. Or if you decide to adopt from a breeder, make sure they are reputable. All reputable breeders provide detailed genealogical information dating back several generations, will have the mother available for you to meet (who will appear clean, well cared for and happy), should alwa ys provide a health guarantee and may require that you spay or neuter your pet as a part of the purchase agreement should you not be a licensed breeder yourself.

DO contact your state senators and representatives and ask them to support any legislation that would protect animals in breeding facilities. Let them know you are aware of puppy mills and that you want them to do something about them.

DO report inhumane conditions and animal neglect to your local authorities.

DO educate others. Tell your family, friends and neighbors about the plight of dogs bred in puppy mills and encourage them to adopt from shelters and rescue groups.

DO sign petitions that encourage putting an end to puppy mills and other forms of animal cruelty.

DO spay and neuter your own pets and encourage others to do so.

DO support your local animal shelter by making donations and volunteering.